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shabbir 30Nov2006 16:33

Re: DragDrop in TreeView
change the font of nodes in Mouse_Move Event

viswa56@gmail.com 30Nov2006 17:21

Re: DragDrop in TreeView
Dear Sir,

Thanks for the help...............

viswa56@gmail.com 30Nov2006 17:26

Re: DragDrop in TreeView
Dear Sir,

When I write code in mouse move event,it showing error .

here is the error

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Use the new keyword to create an object instance

What to do?

shabbir 30Nov2006 18:48

Re: DragDrop in TreeView
Please post your specific query as new thread as its not related to drag drop in tree view.

tuhiniu06 4Jun2014 18:54

Re: DragDrop in TreeView
Dear sir,
I have a problem,i.e,when i create a setup file it only works for my pc or those pc where installed dotnet 3.5 . How can i include .net file in my c# setup project.

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