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djsleepless 20Aug2008 04:19

Total newbie needs some guidence
I have a basic understanding of HTML and have used dreamweaver a bit.

I have a external solid state audio recorder that responds to commands over telnet. The thing is I have to login then type out the messages I want all the time. for example transport=record, transport=stop etc... what i want to do is create a webpage that has got a play stop record button on it that logs on to the the external device (which i normally open up telnet then open xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx then login=password) I think that this is possible hopefully with HTML but maybe with a different programing language. All i need is guidence and i dont mind going off and studying the language needed or working out how to do it in dreamweaver or whatever.

The webpage should login, send relevent commands to a select I.P. using telnet, more advanced but recive the telnet response.



awatson 25Aug2008 22:43

Re: Total newbie needs some guidence
I don't see how this would be possible with just HTML, you'll need a server-side scripting language like perl or PHP. Both allow you to run commands on the command line, so you could probably get this working somehow.

djsleepless 26Aug2008 04:09

Re: Total newbie needs some guidence
thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will look into both of them.



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