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cpulocksmith 16Aug2008 03:27

why does my girlfriend sigh so much.
really i have been trying to figure that out why my girlfriend sighs so damn much. i dont think i am doing anything wrong about then again, my social skills arnt excactly what you would call perfect... and i do screw up the being cute thing... i did try and say that her face was soft but i rolled a one and called her horse face...opps. and well i dont think i am doing anymore of thoughts horrible screw ups but then again i really dont know to much about what makes people mad. so i could just be pissing her off without knowing it. but i am fairly sure that i am not. and she seems to sigh at random times when i am not doing anything that i think would call for a sigh. but come to think of it i dont think ive ever sighed in my life... hu. well that was off topic but yeah. please post your replys. and keep in mind that yes i probaly am the worst boyfriend ever. ;).

shabbir 16Aug2008 08:39

Re: why does my girlfriend sigh so much.
Probably you need to give time to know her and get less into PC stuff.

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