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buddy198225 14Aug2008 20:55

In need of assistance
Thanks for taking the time to read. My child was given a text book on CD and i need to print the book out because my computer has been acting up. The only problem is that the security settings wont allow it. Are their anyways around this. I know if theirs a way around the security you guys would know. in the mean time im goning to keep on googling to find out. Thanks for the help.

faizulhaque 14Aug2008 21:03

Re: In need of assistance
couldn't get about the security,
is there any CD rom opening problem of Printing issue. what ?

buddy198225 14Aug2008 21:25

Re: In need of assistance
the document on cd has a security setting and you cant print. i really need to print. it is a science book. Its in an adobe format, and usually you are given an option to print but in this case the document security settings menu says its not allowed. I tried highlighting or "selecting all" but it wont give you that option either. Im in kinda of a delema. Thanks for replying.

faizulhaque 14Aug2008 21:41

Re: In need of assistance
would u make snap of this security msg?

would u able to copy this file from CD rom?

SpOonWiZaRd 20Aug2008 18:34

Re: In need of assistance
Try to rip the cd using a cd ripper, that might work, or give the book name and then I will send you a link where you can download it for free...

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