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XXxxImmortalxxXX 13Aug2008 23:17

Hey guys just made a new site Anyways sign up on it and tell me if you like it.


shabbir 13Aug2008 23:28

Re: hackers-grounded.com
The domain does not point to the forum and also the theme is related to Music.

faizulhaque 13Aug2008 23:42

Re: hackers-grounded.com
click on the 0010/ than u will redirected to the site.

it's jst like a copied version of K-S32.
All things are same as in the above/

shabbir 14Aug2008 09:13

Re: hackers-grounded.com
I knew that but thanks for the info.

faizulhaque 14Aug2008 20:37

Re: hackers-grounded.com
It's ok admin,
Is it copied version of K-S32.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 15Aug2008 22:01

Re: hackers-grounded.com
i have no idea honestly i saw it and i like the hi-tech looked to it and as for the 0010 thing ill have to fix it

faizulhaque 15Aug2008 22:19

Re: hackers-grounded.com
thats why i tell about the K-S32 site. it's also have same thing like hackers-gournded

i suppose in w3c this prefferable.

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 16Aug2008 10:27

Re: hackers-grounded.com
Immortal...........whoever owns that site needs to secure it much better. Look below for details.............

It wasn't that hard,and of couse i did "not" make any changes at at.

Regards to all mods and of course to Shabbir.

faizulhaque 16Aug2008 15:19

Re: hackers-grounded.com
Immortal Make it fixed.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 16Aug2008 22:06

Re: hackers-grounded.com
Thankyou yes i found out about it and did as much as i can to fix it. I got a e-mail for the Hacking Prevention Team from Globedomain.com Saying your site has been hacked by the following Ip adress he lives here. Do you want us to take this into a legal matter. I told them no its okay so they dropped the thing.

And another thing is i had also scanned my site for vunerbilites and there is over 20 of them But its not coming from my site its coming from there server. hosting my site i told them they said it was alrdy patched up to date. ( WELL APPARENTLY NOT) and they said dont worry about it.

Well guess what happend THAT.

And it kind of made me mad because well they lied to me. So they said they would fix all the issues so im hoping by the end of this weekend it will all be fixed

And thankyou for pointing this out as well

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