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neo_vi 12Aug2008 20:00

memory hacking
I have a file. It is about 200 MB. But in explorer or properties it should show something different, like 200 KB. Is there an way to do it.

I jus posted it in hacking cos, It s a tye of resource hacking..

Help me guyz

neo_vi 18Aug2008 16:57

Re: memory hacking
Sometimes in my USB, which has a capacity of 1GB shows about 33GB in properties. Its cos of a virus. Can U pls tell me wat i shud do to make 200MB show as 200KB.

SpOonWiZaRd 20Aug2008 18:23

Re: memory hacking
If you can get the name of the virus you had then you can download the virus and not execute it and then see what the code does or something. Learn from that and maybe you are lucky... Other than that I do not know any other way.

neo_vi 21Aug2008 15:14

Re: memory hacking
I'm not that much lucky. I dont remember the name. Any other ideas please.

SpOonWiZaRd 22Aug2008 17:00

Re: memory hacking
I tried to google it and couldn't come up with much on that but if you ask pradeep he might know...

neo_vi 23Aug2008 13:59

Re: memory hacking
thanks mate.

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