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Dopeman1992 10Aug2008 03:40

Nmap 'side by side' config incorrect
alo people, i recently tried to port scan with Nmap, after typing the target IP, and then hitting 'scan' after a few seconds Nmap comes up with 'the application has failed to launch because its side by side configuration is incorrect...'

how can i sort this out?


XXxxImmortalxxXX 10Aug2008 23:46

Re: Nmap 'side by side' config incorrect
ummm ive never had this issue before where did u download it? do you have winpac installed? also try re-downloading it

Dopeman1992 11Aug2008 03:11

Re: Nmap 'side by side' config incorrect
i downloaded it from insecure.org, so i know where i downloaded it from was all kooshty, and yes i've got winPcap, got it it when i downloaded cain.

But not to worry though, uninstalled it then re-installed it about three times, them i tried v4.53 and it's all working fine now.

p.s i've got a personal question for you, on one of your posts i read that you were once a penetration tester. This is what i want to do. My question to you is were there any particular qualifications you needed for that job?

XXxxImmortalxxXX 11Aug2008 03:20

Re: Nmap 'side by side' config incorrect
well basically you need a understanding of computers vunerbilites how the network works how to hack and how to block hackers from hacking scanning sites and finding exploitable stuff.

i personaly use compact core something like that to scann websites also i use acunetix for another scanner.

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