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kunals 9Aug2008 23:18

Denial of Service
Alright guys, Here we can share what we know about DOS attacks.
I think DOS is COOL. this is all the stuff that i know.

You can download DoSHTTP 2.0
and i know how to do a ping of death attack.
if you guys have any questions on how to do something
you can ask me, or you can share what u know?

Does anyone know any program i can download for DOS attacks?
my 4 trials for DoSHTTP 2.0 was wasted unknowingly :(

Dopeman1992 10Aug2008 03:48

Re: Denial of Service
i can't seem to find a decent working version DoSHTTP v2.0 plus there's a couple of really good articles on DoS attacks, and you don't have to have software to launch DoS attacks i.e DoSHTTP you can do it from the cmd, oh and btw, is the amount of data you want to ping dependant on the capabilitys of the target server?

Also if memory serves, is the ping of death just an ordinary ping except it's 65,535kb . . . or something like that?

kunals 10Aug2008 21:11

Re: Denial of Service
Here is a link to download DoSHTTP (i used this one) : http://www.socketsoft.net

you can do DoSHTTP with cmd? can you show me how if u know?
that is a flood attack and its a little different from ping of death. (but im still learning stuff too)

for the ping of death, no matter what the capabilitys of the taget server is most
attackers would just use the largest ping possible. the largest ping unfortunately
is only 65500 and most OS are not vulnurable to ping of death attacks.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 10Aug2008 23:49

Re: Denial of Service
i have a serial i will post for you about this program this program is okay somewhat but if u have satellite internet then never EVER use this program or ur bandwidth will get raised up dramatically and slow internet occurs i had this issue about 3 years ago when i had sat then i switched to dsl

XXxxImmortalxxXX 10Aug2008 23:52

Re: Denial of Service
Dos http 2.0 key

serial key below



there u go

kunals 11Aug2008 02:08

Re: Denial of Service
alright thanks dood, since u said this was okay? is there another DOS program u know?
i know this 1 and cmd ping of death.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 11Aug2008 03:16

Re: Denial of Service
ummm well i always use a perl scripted dos http attack script just look up perl dos http script on google

Dopeman1992 11Aug2008 03:18

Re: Denial of Service

is DoSHTTP effective?

Dopeman1992 11Aug2008 03:19

Re: Denial of Service
oh and cheers for the serial keys :D

XXxxImmortalxxXX 11Aug2008 03:22

Re: Denial of Service
yes its highly effective i like it but i like to user script dos attacks because thats just me lol. but yes it does work and will take down anysite but bare in mind always use a proxy cause when u dos attack the site the owner can check your ip and then get you in trouble if he has the knowledge on even how to get the ip that was dos attacking him

and np bout they keys

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