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Amit Kumar Saha 8Aug2008 13:32

:thinking: I want to know scanf statement does not wait for a input in compiler?
or when it takes more input than the fixed number of input??
I use Microsoft visual studio 6.0

xpi0t0s 10Aug2008 21:57

Re: scanf
Could you rephrase the question please, because it doesn't make any sense. scanf gets input from the user, I don't understand what "scanf statement does not wait for a input in compiler" means. scanf doesn't wait for anything from the compiler.

Are you having a problem with some code?

Amit Kumar Saha 13Aug2008 20:22

Re: scanf
Many thanks. Here is the detailed information.
I am executing a infinite while loop. now I want check a character input to justify whether the user is still interested tu carry on the loop. But here the scanf is not working.
thanking again

faizulhaque 13Aug2008 23:14

Re: scanf
use getche() rather than scanf command for Character inputs.


char ch;

Amit Kumar Saha 14Aug2008 09:28

Re: scanf
Thanks for help.

But I have tried that one. But it still does not work. Is there any other solution?

Thanking you


xpi0t0s 14Aug2008 13:00

Re: scanf
How exactly doesn't it work? What doesn't it do that you want it to?
Do you want the check for user input to pause the loop, or do you want the loop to continue running while a check for user input is made?

faizulhaque 14Aug2008 20:36

Re: scanf
would u plz give the snap of error command line.

Amit Kumar Saha 15Aug2008 22:39

Re: scanf
Yes I was trying to check any input to break a infinite while loop.

thank you

faizulhaque 15Aug2008 22:44

Re: scanf
use this
int a=1;
while (a==1)
printf("Enter Any Number Accept 1");

above one is giving u infinit loog but when the user give input 1 than it's terninate.

Amit Kumar Saha 16Aug2008 00:23

Re: scanf
But I was trying to take input a character in the same way. I have already applied the technique that you suggested for me. But I want to take a character. Is there any way in the same manner??

Thanking you in advance

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