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ceuyan 7Aug2008 21:59

Please review my social network
Sorry for posting again but i didnt read the guidlines and did not post 3 comments before posting a new thread so my old thread got closed.


my very first website is a social network site. I know there are a million sites out there but i only know of a few big ones

myspace - to cluttered but i do see that they are cleaning that up a bit
facebook - nice but not to much customization
digg - i am on digg everyday but i don't get that personal feeling
reddit - same as digg
friendster - good.. i guess

my website www.klamour.com

www.klamour.com is intended to be a mixture of news sites and social networking sites

i created this site with 2 other friends and believe me this is our very first site and we have been working on it for over 1 year now.

im looking for any feedback and advice on how to gain members

Thank you... in advanced

shabbir 8Aug2008 09:22

Re: Please review my social network
I must say very nice and prof design for the first site you have worked on and as you already know the amount of social networking site out there and so there are 2 approaches to it.

1. Ask all your friends to have their profile and ask them to invite there friends to it.
2. Have some dummy profiles and add as many friends of yours to such profiles.

The biggest block you will see in such sites is to get the initial boost and then when you have some user base its just easy.

Also you could sell your site for some real good bucks because there are many people who are looking for building Social Networking sites.

ceuyan 8Aug2008 21:47

Re: Please review my social network

thank your for your positive review. and you are right about the initial boost being the biggest block, i am try hard to get the website name out there and it is very difficult. i think i am going to try the contest approach. maybe give away something for the best profile like a WII.

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 19Aug2008 04:33

Re: Please review my social network
Shabbir is absolutely right. I think,you should start small,ask your friends to tell friends and so on. Ask anybody you know that have myspace/facebook,hi5 ect to post a link or banner to your site. It takes time,but don't give up,you're on the right track.
Good luck

juresh 16Oct2008 15:46

Re: Please review my social network

Your site is very nice and clean.
Post these types of comment on all other forums posting sites and also do bookmarking of your own site on other sites. it will help you.


cpulocksmith 17Oct2008 04:10

Re: Please review my social network
i am not really a big fan of social networks but i do like seeing something that is well made and thought out. this site is vary clean and incorporates many different idea. some much as come together in the making of this site, i like that. and i hope that this site takes off, and it looks like it is so far. i can really see this making it. and like P455w0rd_Cr4kz said. you must keep posting in forums to get your name out there and the give away is not to bad of an idea ether but an i dea like that will only work if have your name out there a lot and you show flaunt the give away, and i think in your current state that it should work out fine.

good luck.

trinitybrown 24Oct2008 18:30

Re: Please review my social network
Really good site and its design is very attractive, you must be professional because your work is almost errorless

cruise05 31Dec2008 19:06

Re: Please review my social network

Originally Posted by ceuyan (Post 33424)
Sorry for posting again but i didnt read the guidlines and did not post 3 comments before posting a new thread so my old thread got closed.

This just happened wid me and i was like "Did I break a forum rule somehow ?"

cruise05 31Dec2008 19:12

Re: Please review my social network
About your site, klamour.com
I checked it and it just showed one major backlink whcih is identified by Google. I think you should just link back to either sites that are "Dofollow" or do a little optimisation of your website yourself to gain visibility and Good PR for your networking site.
All The Very Best

peterbk 13Jan2009 06:14

Re: Please review my social network
I like the layout and design. But on your home page there is no statement about what the site is or what I can do there. So I clicked the "Join Klamour" thinking I'd find the info there, but there is nothing. You should definitely use some of the ample white space on the signup page to highlight Klamour's key features and give the user an overview of what the site is all about.

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