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neo_vi 5Aug2008 12:19

rundll32.exe - application error
Hi guys,
Few days back, i got a problem in my pal's PC. he is connected to the net. I dont know whether its a virus or not.
when u go to cmd.exe or add/remove programs and system properties, a dialog pops up
"rundll32.exe - application error
the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005).
Click on OK to terminate the application"
I have searched all thro the net. But i haven't got any good solution.
Pls help me to fix it.

Bhullarz 5Aug2008 20:02

Re: rundll32.exe - application error
if using xp, try to repair the windows from Installation CD.

neo_vi 6Aug2008 18:40

Re: rundll32.exe - application error
i want to mention some other things also. My system fails to boot in safe mode. I cant fix that either. If i go to safe mode after listing out the files. It starts to restart. I tried cleaning the system with kaspersky beta 2009. It captured about 200 virus files. But still that problem continues.

neo_vi 7Aug2008 11:21

Re: rundll32.exe - application error
My cd drive icon cant be seen in windows explorer, so repairing is not possible.give me any other solution

neo_vi 16Aug2008 14:41

Re: rundll32.exe - application error
is there no one to give a solution for this. Pradeep Where re u??

Bhullarz 20Aug2008 07:11

Re: rundll32.exe - application error
If CD DRIVE icon is not showing up, then try to disable / enable CD DRIVE from device manager. I strongly recommend you to use GOOD REGISTRY CLEANER to solve this problem.

This is the download page for the regcleaner,I used for XP.

Using this cleaner, try to clean-up STARTUP items and remove the unidentified apps from startup.

Or you can give a try to free tool named TWEAKUI for XP. it has options to hide/unhide the icons in explorer.

Don't u have the service on of "SYSTEM RESTORE" ? IF u have, then try to restore the system to some good previous time.

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