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GreenGrass 3Aug2008 00:14

Operation System and Internet
Function to a Operation System:

Operation system is a program so is standard on every computer. Its software so allow you to do different task on your computer. The Functions can be from copy text to delete files this is an easy example what the function to an Operation System might be. There may also follow other Smaller Softwares so are mainly build to the specific Operation System. etc of this is "Msconfig" and "taskmgr". This is also very big part to help you to perform all the tasks you want to do on your computer. All this stuff is made to help a user to do task in an easy way. The Under Operation System to "Windows" is "Command Prompt". This is an newest version of MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operation System).

Operation Systems:

WINDOWS Vista Professional.
WINDOWS Vista Ultimate.
WINDOWS Vista Home Edition.
WINDOWS XP Home Edition.
WINDOWS XP Professional

The most used Operation system today is Microsoft. The problem with Microsoft is that all viruses and unwanted programs are made to infect those Operation Systems. If you use other Operation Systems such Linux you aren't in high risk as you are when you are using Microsoft. Another big problems with Operation Systems so aren't Microsoft is they haven't so much Softwares so are written to be used in other operation systems than Microsoft. Also its very important to hold your system up to date with the latest patches and updates since. In every Operation Systems there is bugs so can be used to even attack you in different ways. So if you want your system to be more secure and better you must update it.

The Internet:

Today's Comunity Internet is very Important thing to have also nearly every person have some kinda form of connection to the internet. Internet is used to share information with each other. This can be very useful but it can also be a big threat. Since this is how we can get Viruses and other unwanted programs on our computer. E-mail is most common way to get infected by a virus. E-mail is a Software so allows you to send and get messages from other users of the Internet. This is great way to Communicate with other people also can be very effectiv way to spread viruses.

Another great risk of the Internet is also that you are nearly all the time being monitored what you are doing in different ways. Cookies and traffic(IP) is one way to track you on. So remember what ever you do on the Internet people are watching every single Click you take :p

How does the Internet Work?

To get Internet you must buy it from a ISPs (Internet Service Providers). When you have that up you can start walking around on the net. You also get your self an "Internet Protocol" this will be called your "IP". Also you need spesfic Software to view the Internet. This is called "Internet Browser" a Browser is supported with a HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). This will allow you to visit sites around the globe. WWW. Stands for (World Wide Web). But how to host your own site? Well this can be done from your own computer or you can get a WebHosting Company to host it for you. This will indicate to set up a Client (Server). Its best to host site from WebHosting Company since they will normally be more secure and also you will have good Support. Its risk to set it up at home it can be every easy target to attack.

neo_vi 3Aug2008 19:33

Re: Operation System and Internet
hey greengrass, Its fun to write vista home, vista ultimate, etc.. .
U r so silly dude..LOL.

GreenGrass 3Aug2008 20:09

Re: Operation System and Internet
Yep its really fun :p

phone00x 13Jan2009 21:12

Re: Operation System and Internet
thank's for all

yohan 15Jul2009 06:53

Re: Operation System and Internet
Also include UNIX operating system..

keyboardboy1 23Jul2010 11:55

Re: Operation System and Internet
This is so beautiful

MartinJose 2Sep2010 08:18

Re: Operation System and Internet
:DVery funny . But if there are digital equipments, there will be OS. OS is a interface connecting human and digital facility.

gehlmauer 12Jan2011 15:10

Re: Operation System and Internet
On a standalone computer, operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux manage the machine's resources, making it possible for applications to focus on the job they do for the user. But many of the activities that are most important to us today take place in a mysterious space between individual machines.


juliaandrews 17May2011 17:54

Re: Operation System and Internet
Thanks for sharing the information.

Kingson 14Jul2011 17:43

Re: Operation System and Internet
Good information, thank you for your sharing. Keep in touch.


jaydeee 16Oct2011 13:10

Re: Operation System and Internet
My son found good information from this thread.
An assignment in the school.

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