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GreenGrass 27Sep2008 22:54

Re: C++ Tutorial I
Thanks guys...

victor2008 10Oct2008 17:00

C++ Tutorial I
C++ is an object-oriented version of C that has been widely used to develop enterprise and commercial applications. C++ became popular because it combined traditional C programming with object-oriented programming features. Smalltalk and other OOP languages did not provide the familiar structures of conventional languages such as C and Pascal. Microsoft's Visual C++ is the most widely used C++ language.

An example:


#include <iostream>
class Bird                // the "generic" base class
  virtual void OutputName() {std::cout << "a bird";}
  virtual ~Bird() {}
class Swan : public Bird  // Swan derives from Bird
  void OutputName() {std::cout << "a swan";} // overrides virtual function
int main()
  Swan mySwan;            // Creates a swan.
  Bird* myBird = &mySwan;  // Declares a pointer to a generic Bird,
                          // and sets it pointing to a newly created Swan.
  myBird->OutputName();    // This will output "a swan", not "a bird".
  return 0;

shabbir 11Oct2008 09:57

Re: C++ Tutorial I

Originally Posted by victor2008
C++ is an object-oriented version of C

The biggest misconception of the century I guess. C++ is totally different from C semantically but supports the syntax of C

damoonica 17Oct2008 12:09

Re: C++ Tutorial I
did you see that Tutorial
Object Oriented Programming c++
Object Oriented Programming C++

shabbir 17Oct2008 15:58

Re: C++ Tutorial I
What do you want me to look there?

puma_runner 14Nov2008 18:43

Re: C++ Tutorial I
I don't completely understand the purpose of C++ I really need someone to teach me from scratch :(

ruby20 4Dec2008 13:28

Re: C++ Tutorial I
Its very good thing to explain how to work in a language.its very useful for newly learner languages.good going keep it up.

skp819 9Dec2008 17:43

Re: C++ Tutorial I
it is nice.
thanks for help.
it is good for beginners like me. It is helps me.
thanks once more

Stenna 3Feb2009 16:47

Re: C++ Tutorial I
Thanks for share us with a good example of c++. :shy:

new_en_it 14Feb2009 22:51

Re: C++ Tutorial I

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