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erosolmi 31Jul2008 14:01

Help on IDE selection
I'm in search of a multi-platform development environment (IDE) for C/C++
I'm new to C programming and I need a good start to begin my C adventure

What do you suggest?

Thanks a lot

shabbir 31Jul2008 16:25

Re: Help on IDE selection
I would suggest MSVC

Silcrome 31Jul2008 19:00

Re: Help on IDE selection
there is a little bit of setup involved in it, but i prefer use eclipse..i use it for Java/C/C++/c# ...it is just nice to have something that works accross many languages and i do beleive there is a version of eclipse for all major OS's

sofprog66 1Aug2008 06:15

Re: Help on IDE selection
Well Dev-C++ is labeled C++ but it can actually compile C aswell you just have to make sure you name your source code correctly and include the correct header files. For example for C source code "nameofprogram.c" then just compile and execute and your gtg.

erosolmi 1Aug2008 13:51

Re: Help on IDE selection
Thanks for the reply.

I'm checking Dev-C++ and Code::Blocks

Code::Blocks seems more up to dated and offer more options. Compilation of little sources just went fine at the first test. I had few problems debugging but maybe it is me that need to better enter into IDE philosophy.

I will see.

eranif 5Aug2008 15:41

Re: Help on IDE selection
I would recommend using CodeLite IDE , a less known IDE for C/C++ but, IMO, the best so far.


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