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raji10k 28Jan2009 17:58

Re: How to use Turkojan

Got Nice one I have few doubts about it, When i tryed to send the .exe file that creted by server editor through gmail or yahoo they are not accepting due to .exe file.
What should i do?
Can I use it over LAN?

Thankx in Advance

raghav 22May2009 10:29

Re: How to use Turkojan
Thanks, cool! this could help alot!
Ok, so does this mean if im getting hacked(my pc is the server) and client is attacking me, I could completly reverse it? by using the reverse hack feature? and also does this mean i could get my server to reverse and then connect to the client? please people help i really wanto get my revenge.
Please tell me how to do it.

Thank you!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bituufg 16Jul2009 16:42

Re: How to use Turkojan
Guy....this is language section, not computer or physics help. And what the heck are you ranting about mate?

Hex00010 23Jul2009 02:58

Re: How to use Turkojan
lol wow cant belive my tutorial is still being read yay my tutorial ranks #1 in google on turkojan woot woot

HeXoN 28Jul2009 15:51

Re: How to use Turkojan
turkojan.....nice RAT......

Mr.sp41t3r 31Aug2009 13:37

Re: How to use Turkojan
wow cigicigi

techfiend 19Feb2010 23:53

Re: How to use Turkojan
i need some help if u have the time could u please tell me why i have an error message when i try to download turkojan. i turned off avg and my firewall.i get to 99% but it says;

cannot copy turkojan 4 access is denied make sure the disk is not full or write protected or the file is currently in use? the disk not full i have the admin account so i have access and the file is in not in use.

any help would be warmly welcomed

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