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sivaprasadnkv 27Jul2008 17:20

web config in .net

I am using VS2003 with vb.net
in web.config i gave timeout as 30 minutes it is working and logout after timeout period.
if i gave time out as 1 hour ie 60 minutes then it is not working and its logout after 30 min.
what is the problem..

plzzzz reply me its urgent

faizulhaque 27Jul2008 18:28

Re: web config in .net
Stop spaming, u made 4 topic for same query.

shabbir 28Jul2008 00:06

Re: web config in .net
I have closed all your thread and please create your thread in the most appropriate category only.

shabbir 28Jul2008 13:22

Re: web config in .net
I hope you have created the new thread here - session expired

Probably its the better category. Thread closed.

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