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cpulocksmith 27Jul2008 11:02

how to game ftp access?
i just wanted to know, say "jim" has a file on his computer and i wanted it. i am friends with jim and i know he would not mind but i cant get a hold of him. how would i go about getting it. [i do know basics.] thanks.

faizulhaque 27Jul2008 16:24

Re: how to game ftp access?
make a remote access to there system,
find out his ip, then tell him to allow his system on remotly access. through mycomputer property ===>> remote

then goto
start ===>programme file===>accessories===>communication===>remote desktop connection

after that dial his ip.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 27Jul2008 20:04

Re: how to game ftp access?
if your looking for a hacking type why i posted a tutorial on how to do it with hydra one sec ill post you think link

okay mate here you go

The link

hope it helps you

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