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mayjune 19Jun2009 01:46

Re: Defraging Why?
is it true that vista automatically defrags its file...and thats why when we do search it is able to search quickly then its predecessors?? what i mean is, is defragging in vista neccessary, as told by my friends its not required in vista...?

!Newbie! 19Jun2009 12:19

Re: Defraging Why?
It is enabled in the system maintenance by default, you can uncheck it if you want.
1. Click Start
2. Click Control Panel
3. Selct the Control Panel Home
4. Click System and Maintenance
5. Under the Administrative Tools section at the bottom, click Defragment your hard drive
6. You may need to grant permission to open the disk fragmenter
7. Click or unclick Run automatically (recommended) depending if you want this feature enabled or disabled.
8. Click OK

mayjune 19Jun2009 14:40

Re: Defraging Why?
the question is not how to uncheck, but is the vistas defrag good or should i go for some external software..?

!Newbie! 19Jun2009 18:29

Re: Defraging Why?
It is good, but then again it is my personal opinion. The best option would be to try it out and compare with any other external software...

yohan 15Jul2009 06:56

Re: Defraging Why?
Great post!.. Thank you for sharing!

callyS 26Jul2009 23:40

Re: Defraging Why?
I would stick with Vista's defrag. Diskeeper does a good job however the vista one works pretty well also.

mayjune 27Jul2009 00:36

Re: Defraging Why?
i agree its quite good, though havent compared it..but still does its job well...

ELLORD 7Apr2010 01:59

Re: Defraging Why?

ansarialice 7Apr2010 09:30

Re: Defraging Why?
nice post guy

satyedra pal 19May2010 14:07

Re: Defraging Why?
Defragmentation combined the scattered memory and provides a large storage area or memory.Defragmentation reduces the searching complexity of the RAM.

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