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GreenGrass 27Jul2008 03:24

Defraging Why?
Why must we Defrag the computer?

As everyone know once in a while everyone must defrag their computer. But do you really know why? Here i will show you basically why you must do it. When you start up a program the RAM (Randomly Access Memory) must find the files to the program you wanna start up. If the files aren't together the RAM will use longer time to find the files to the CPU. So this will basically say that your programs will startup slower than it should do. This is why you must defrag your computer it will Increase the performance.

How do we start defrag?

There are several ways you can do it on.

> > All Programs
> > > Accessories
> > > > System Tools
> > > > > Defragment

> > RUN
> > > dfrg.msc

> > RUN
> > > cmd
> > > > defrag

Now you get up list of commands you may use.
Lets take an Example :

Defrag C: -a = Here you will Analyze and see if its needed to defrag this Volum.
Defrag C: -f = Here you will start defraging Volume C:

You must always type in the Volume you wanna defrag.

What are all the colors how can we understand them?

Red (Fragmented Files)

So what does Fragmented Files means? Here i am going to show you what it really is. Every time you download a Software or install something. The data so the file have will be written down on the hard disk it tries to find available space and it are just finding an space so is free. When you haven't defrag for a while the files will flow over everywhere and it will be much more harder to find the files for the computer. So Basically the defrag is taking away the Fragmented files and make them to Contextual files.

Blue (Contextual files)

This is files so are stored together. They are converted from Fragmented files to Contextual files. This means that the computer have easy access to the files. So this will get better for the RAM to find the files and send it to the CPU and the programs will startup faster.

Green (Files so can't be moved) "Sorry i don't know the English word" :/

This is files so cannot be moved this is since the files are in use by the system (This can basically mean WINDOWS files)

White (Free Space)

This is free space on your computer to more white you have to more space is available on your computer so you can use to store data on.

faizulhaque 27Jul2008 16:31

Re: Defraging Why?
Nice Stuff

GreenGrass 27Jul2008 16:32

Re: Defraging Why?
Thanks mate :)

faizulhaque 27Jul2008 16:37

Re: Defraging Why?
Really it's good stuff for new one's

shabbir 2Aug2008 11:57

Re: Defraging Why?
Nomination for article of the month for July 2008

neo_vi 3Aug2008 19:35

Re: Defraging Why?
hey shabbir, r u kidding. R u goin 2 nominate THIS article. U seem to b joking. pls dnt do this.

shabbir 3Aug2008 21:01

Re: Defraging Why?

Originally Posted by neo_vi
hey shabbir, r u kidding. R u goin 2 nominate THIS article. U seem to b joking. pls dnt do this.

Its just a nomination and you can vote in or out any of them. Its not among the list of Articles which has been picked for the contest. Please post such comments in that thread rather than here.

ownedattitude 16Oct2008 15:11

Re: Defraging Why?
useful article..great post!!!!!!!!

NDL 7Dec2008 13:54

Re: Defraging Why?
nice one dude

LenoxFinlay 16Apr2009 16:08

Re: Defraging Why?
Thanks for your useful information.

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