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CallFaheem2 19Aug2006 17:55

Bios Password Recovery
I had Travel Mate 522TXV
cannot bypass bios, my brother forgot the password .. can anyone help me out here please

shabbir 19Aug2006 19:32

Re: Bios Password Recovery
Refer to Basic BIOS password crack.

CallFaheem2 20Aug2006 15:46

Re: Bios Password Recovery
Shabbir My friend
it says if you can bring DOS prompt...
when I seitch on my laptop (where there is a protection) first thing it asked is password......
this is what happens when I turn on the machine
shows the monogram and acer sign then bottom of the screen ask for F2 option to enter setupand F12 to enter Multi Boot selection Menu

at the same time it ask for the password ......
:confused: that I am

shabbir 20Aug2006 16:50

Re: Bios Password Recovery
Try out the Removing the battery section. If you are unable to get into the system after booting then also you have quite a few options left.

CallFaheem2 20Aug2006 16:52

Re: Bios Password Recovery
What battery are you talking about cause
I have remove all the batteries.
The one which gives power to laptop and even Cmos, bios battery still no result

shabbir 20Aug2006 16:59

Re: Bios Password Recovery
The battery of the motherboard. That powers the clock in the machine.

CallFaheem2 20Aug2006 17:01

Re: Bios Password Recovery
yeah did remove that as well, it did surprised me as well, cause i took it out for 24 hour and even after that it did n't work. It still asked for password

shabbir 20Aug2006 19:44

Re: Bios Password Recovery
That does mean it has a backup of that battery and you need to be completely removing the power in the mother board to reset the password. If you read that article there are other options as well but that can be a bit risky.

CallFaheem2 20Aug2006 21:45

Re: Bios Password Recovery
I have to similar laptop one completely broken on broken I have searched in an out top to bottom no sign of backup battery.
I think I have to re-read the document and look for the risky options.

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