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GreenGrass 23Jul2008 21:55

How does the computer work?
How does the computer work?

Here i will show you how the computer is build up how it works. Lets start with CPU.


This is the CPU stands for "Central Processing Unit" this is the brain to the computer. This is why you can running diffrent programs at the same time. If you press "CTRL+ALT+DEL" you can take a look at the CPU. The jobb to the CPU is to run programs you want the computer to run. When you click on a program the RAM are getting the data to the CPU.


This is the RAM stands for "Random Access Memory" this function work is to give the data to the CPU so the it can run a program. If you have alot of RAM you start up the programs faster since they send more information faster to the CPU.

How do we comunitcate with the computer?

Only way we can comunicate with the computer is with a "Keybored" and "mouse". Without the mouse and keybored we could't do any tasks on the computer. When we do a task on the computer we can see it on the screen so displayed on the computer. So the Screen is the output and input is the "keybored" and "mouse"


This is the Hard drive of the computer it stands for Auxiliary Memory Units. This is why you can store data on your computer if this did't exist you could't store anything at the computer. This can be called your root of the computer "C:"

Secondary AMU's:

This will go under the name CD room, Floopy disks, CD, This can be called secondary storage places on the computer. This are normaly used to copy important information on so you don't want to los. Why should i make a copy of important information? Well sometimes things can happend to the computer like the Auxiliary Memory Unit Crash. This will say that the hard disk wont boot up. or mabye you get Virus infection so is destroying your computer.

faizulhaque 23Jul2008 22:10

Re: How does the computer work?
Nice Work Dude. Getting about that''s info.

GreenGrass 23Jul2008 22:26

Re: How does the computer work?
Thanks faizulhaque :)

harminder 24Jul2008 12:17

You provide the input. When you type a command or click on an icon you are telling the computer what to do.

harminder 24Jul2008 12:18

Re: How does the computer work?
A computer is a device which performs high-speed calculations. It first started with people trying to do quick-and-easy calculations. First came the abacus(most people think it's not a computer). Then came all the giant computers which worked with vacuum tubes (valves). These valves workes as transistors (switches with either turn on and off). On for 1 and off for 0. A computer uses binary language, which stores numbers and strings (words), and other data with only 2 digits (0 and 1)

misther 20Aug2009 11:12

Re: How does the computer work?
Not bad. AMU is not a term I remember reading before. Just think of memory as RAM or ROM. Do CPUs have built-in ROM? Where is the BIOS located? What do ROM, or RAM chips look like? Do not know,...

Just remember 4 things: CPU, Memory (divided into two parts, permanent - ROM and temporary - RAM), and the other two things are INPUT and OUTPUT, which may take the form of keyboards and monitors, printers, etc.

A telephone (analog) has no RAM does it? Just ROM in the form of the layout of the number pad, and the number pad is the INPUT of that simple computer.

Somebody on this "blog" wrote: don't judge, or you won't be able to love...Is that not illogical? Proof by contradiction: Somebody points a gun at you in a threatening manner. Will you say something like, "Can I get you some more coffee?" Judge behaviour, while avoiding labels. For killing can be labeled "self-defense" or "murder", but it is still killing. Violence is the IMMORAL use of physical, or psychological force. Hate the sinner, but love the saint: I think psychologists call it positive reinforcement. Note also that you can hate without hatred, as in the expression, "I hate sushi" or "I hate brocolli".

How you define variables in a computer program might make the difference between the program doing what you want it to do, and the program crashing. Ada Lovelace, whom some call the "world's first programmer" was the daughter of a poet. Poets are not known for defining words correctly. Which may be why her mother made sure she had no contact with him, for fear that she too might be a poet rather than a skilled mathematician, logician, and writer of quality non-fiction. A person who is good at mathematics may not be good at poetry, but they tend to be very good programmers, and technical writers. If you get straight A's in both Math and English, what can't you learn?

xpi0t0s 20Aug2009 15:13

Re: How does the computer work?
Not all computers can multitask. A computer doesn't multitask just because it has a CPU, it multitasks because it has a multitasking OS, and even then it only truly multitasks if it has multiple CPUs, if it just has one then it uses a timesharing approach to make it appear that the CPU is doing multiple things at the same time.

misther 6Sep2009 00:39

Re: How does the computer work?
A computer, or CPU does not multitask. A person multitasks when a
person uses two or more programs simultaneously (e.g. listening to
music while working on a spreadsheet). A CPU just adds numbers.
Subtraction involves the addition of negative integers. Multiplication
involves addition a number of times, and division involves subtraction
a number of times. Computer memory allows the computer to "count"
or keep track of all these numbers being added, or counted. Memory
allocates special characters to certain numbers. Everything gets
reduced to machine language, 1's and 0's, "on and off". I think you
are thinking of what is called parallel processors, or parallel computing,
or cloud computing.

Regarding Faizalhuques quote, Can you not judge and love another,
simultaneously? Can you not judge without meeting out measure?
"Hey, that's not cool" is that not what a loving parent might teach a
child, poking him in the rib with his finger, "a rod of correction"? For
to love somebody is to want that person to be holy. You decide for
yourself what is right, and what is wrong, but the question is, Will you
decide correctly? It is not a choice between two philosophies called
Moral Relativism and Moral Absolutism, but both together help describe
the "real world". You need both Truth and Love. It is a kind of parallel
computing, or multitasking.

xpi0t0s 6Sep2009 05:10

Re: How does the computer work?
> A computer, or CPU does not multitask.

Yes it does. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_multitasking
At this point in time my computer is running several simultaneous tasks, not just accepting keyboard input for my browser; it is checking periodically for email without my input, downloading some torrents, indexing my hard drive, keeping track of the time, sorting out memory, maintaining the swap file, and loads of other stuff that wakes up and does its bit all without me noticing.

> A person multitasks when a person uses two or more programs simultaneously (e.g. listening to
music while working on a spreadsheet).

I wouldn't disagree with that. But the computer is also multitasking, because it is running a spreadsheet AND playing music at the same time.

> A CPU just adds numbers.

No, CPUs can do a lot more than that. They perform comparisons, make decisions, service interrupts, read and write data to memory and to various IO devices, and more.

> Subtraction involves the addition of negative integers. Multiplication involves addition a number of times, and division involves subtraction a number of times.

Not directly, in most processors. There are probably some processors where you have to explicitly take two's complement and add, but most processors have a subtract instruction, and many can multiply and divide directly, too. Multiplication probably involves shifting and addition, not just addition.

> I think you are thinking of what is called parallel processors or parallel computing,

Not sure who you're referring to here. A single CPU can multitask, although to perform two tasks simultaneously (without cheating and "time slicing" to make it look like it's doing that, which is what single CPU multitasking OS's do) you must have multiple CPUs. This is what made the Amiga so powerful - it had separate chips for graphics, sound and so on, true multitasking and parallel computing.

> or cloud computing.

Heh, I don't think *anyone* knows what cloud computing really is yet. Seems to be a rehash of client/server architecture, where you have dumb clients and the real work is done on the server, or "cloud", where the cloud is now just a bunch of someone else's computers on the internet. Seems like a terrible idea to me; I want all my data locally where I can control it and where I'm not stuffed just because my internet connection has gone down.

djbrown 22Oct2009 14:44

Re: How does the computer work?
nice job!

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