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cpulocksmith 23Jul2008 09:53

need help with ftp
ok so i have been trying to connect remotly to a computer. i have tryed ftp. i can scan for open ports and all that stuff and i know basic commands. (i have been using the windows cmd by the way.) and i have kinda run out of ideas on how to get any further. and i cannot find the info i need anywhere. could some one please point me in the right direction and maybe show me an example? that would be great. thanks.

Bhullarz 1Aug2008 11:14

Re: need help with ftp
are u trying to connect a pc using FTP ? if so, y not use Remote Desktop..

pradeep 1Aug2008 11:37

Re: need help with ftp
What OS the remote computer run on? Does an FTP service on the remote computer?

Bhullarz 1Aug2008 19:39

Re: need help with ftp
Usually Windows PC's FTP service runs @ port: 21. Check out,if the remote computer is protected with some FIREWALL, u will not be able to connect directly using ftp.

Bhullarz 4Aug2008 09:33

Re: need help with ftp
ok. I also tried to use ftp to connect another pc on Internet. I was able to connect the pc. But I was not able to login successfully whereas i have used correct username and password which was used by the user @ that time to log in.

cpulocksmith 11Aug2008 09:05

Re: need help with ftp
ok so you got to the point were you needed to login, could you please give a step by step of how you got that far?

faizulhaque 11Aug2008 10:34

Re: need help with ftp
Rather Than finding and working on This and that try to use LC5 with WinCap and ProRat.

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