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abcdou 19Aug2006 08:57

hi guys!

sample code of login page using mysql database..


shabbir 19Aug2006 10:56

Re: asp.net[forum]
Refer Simple Login in ASP using MS Access database.

abcdou 7Sep2006 07:13

Re: asp.net[forum]
hi shabbir!
can i ask favor pls...do u have sample code of polling(poll)with yes and no radio button using ASp vbscript pls........

shabbir 7Sep2006 07:25

Re: asp.net[forum]
I dont have the polling code with me.

abcdou 7Sep2006 11:17

Re: asp.net[forum]
its ok thanks
by the way how about searching.....
i have dropdownbox that contens table in my access database and a textbox for inputs to search..

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