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Bhullarz 22Jul2008 17:43

Tracing an Email !
What are the different ways to trace an email that from where has it come or who has sent the mail ? Is there any really effective way to do so ?

XXxxImmortalxxXX 22Jul2008 23:48

Re: Tracing an Email !
hope this helps


neo_vi 23Jul2008 15:18

Re: Tracing an Email !
may be u can contact the mail provider. they ll help u!!

SpOonWiZaRd 23Jul2008 18:20

Re: Tracing an Email !
There is always alot of info in the internet headers, the IP from the server it came from etc...

Bhullarz 26Jul2008 21:56

Re: Tracing an Email !

Originally Posted by SpOonWiZaRd
There is always alot of info in the internet headers, the IP from the server it came from etc...

Bro ! I tried to use headers of the mail, but it doesn't give the exact info. Is there any excat way in which we can trace the person or location?

SpOonWiZaRd 28Jul2008 12:00

Re: Tracing an Email !
Try if this works, regester his email at this site http://www.readnotify.com/ and then here is another link that trace emails but this one is not free http://www.abika.com/Reports/verifyemail.htm use a linux box and then do a DIG command on the domain name DIG is Domain Information Groper. Also see this link to read so much more on email headers and the exact way email works http://www.expita.com/header1.html and then here is a website where you can download very good software like this one http://www.emailtrackerpro.com/ try the demo and if you like it then search for it on http://www.piratebay.org to download the full version for free. I hope this help a bit.

hacktivity 8Aug2008 22:29

Re: Tracing an Email !

I think this article may explain practically well........!

kunals 9Aug2008 23:08

Re: Tracing an Email !
alright dood, just last night i was working on some hacking and i found a great way to trace an EMAIL. Okay do download this thing called EmailTracker Pro 2008.
You only got 15 days, but make the best of it :D. All you have to do is find the header
of an email. The help option on the program will show u how to find the header of an email
on almost any email account. You copy and paste the header into the program (you'll figure all of this stuff out on the program) and click enter and it will give u the ip of the person
who sent the email and it will tell you their exact location! its really cool.

GreenGrass 10Aug2008 00:13

Re: Tracing an Email !
Yeah but i does't give you the Identity to who sended the E-mail.. Since the E-mail have gone through many server befor it have hitted the host..

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