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Alt+Ctrl 22Jul2008 02:51

Alt+Ctrl [intro]
Hello all..

I'm Alternative Control from Serbia, little country on Balkan/Europa.
I'm skilled in SQL Injecting, Social Engineering, Nuking, Phishing, Trojans, Scripting, Exploiting, Shell Constructing... etc.
I know a bit of C/C++, Batch Destructing, PHP... :nice:
Feel free to ask me everything you need, I'm always freely for nice chat and helping newbies. ;)


shabbir 22Jul2008 09:19

Re: Alt+Ctrl [intro]
Hi and :welcome: to the forum

GreenGrass 22Jul2008 13:32

Re: Alt+Ctrl [intro]
Welcome to the forum.. :) Nice to have you here.

Alt+Ctrl 23Jul2008 03:15

Re: Alt+Ctrl [intro]
Thanks guys... :)

XXxxImmortalxxXX 23Jul2008 08:33

Re: Alt+Ctrl [intro]
Hello and welcome to the forum

Alt+Ctrl 25Jul2008 01:52

Re: Alt+Ctrl [intro]
Thank you Immortal...

XXxxImmortalxxXX 25Jul2008 04:36

Re: Alt+Ctrl [intro]
notta problem

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