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parker1234 30Jan2012 14:49

Re: Top 10 Worst SEO Tactics
you are absolutely right most of these tips comes in black hat seo that is not a good practice

manojcz 6Mar2012 14:15

Re: Top 10 Worst SEO Tactics
Really great article shared, i am here for learn new things about SEO.

styris 8Mar2012 12:12

Re: Top 10 Worst SEO Tactics
All are Valid points. Following black hat and grey hat seo techniques will not help us in long run. In SEO we must always think about in a longer period.

virtueinfo11 28Mar2012 11:18

Re: Top 10 Worst SEO Tactics

Originally Posted by yohan (Post 50779)
Some of the tips you have mentioned are about Black Hat SEO!.. Yeah!.. using black Hat SEO would be the worst tactics, you might get banned if your gonna participate using this strategy..

yes, you are right... organic SEO will improve search engine ranking.

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