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P455w0rd_Cr4kz 19Jul2008 07:53

Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
Noobs,don't go crazy messing up people sites,this is to make awareness of how negligent can an administrator be.

1- Why deface when you can own it?
Go to Google and type this:
intitle:PhpMyAdmin "Welcome to phpMyAdmin***" running on * as root@*"

This will give you tons of no passworded phpMyAdmin,means you'll have access to all files,can make changes ect.
To find websites Admin Password type the following in the Google bar:
inurl:vti_pvt "service.pwd"
(password will be encrypted) "convert encrypted password to md5 hash then use milw0rm

Also You can You use this codes when you have free time..enjoy

Google Search strings
  • inurl:/db/main.mdb |ASP-Nuke passwords
  • filetype:cfm "cfapplication |ColdFusion source with potential passwords name" password
  • filetype:pass |dbman credentials pass intext:userid
  • allinurl:auth_user_file.txt |DCForum user passwords
  • eggdrop filetype:user user |Eggdrop IRC user credentials
  • filetype:ini inurl:flashFXP.ini |FlashFXP FTP credentials
  • filetype:url +inurl:"ftp://" |FTP bookmarks cleartext passwords
  • inurl:zebra.conf intext: |GNU Zebra passwords
    password -sample -test
    -tutorial –download
  • filetype:htpasswd htpasswd |HTTP htpasswd Web user credentials
  • intitle:"Index of" ".htpasswd" |HTTP htpasswd Web user credentials
    "htgroup" -intitle:"dist"
    -apache -htpasswd.c
  • intitle:"Index of" ".htpasswd" |HTTP htpasswd Web user credentials
  • "http://*:*@www" bob:bob |HTTP passwords (bob is a sample username)
  • "sets mode: +k" |IRC channel keys (passwords)
  • "Your password is * |Remember IRC NickServ registration passwords
    this for later use"
  • signin filetype:url |JavaScript authentication credentials
  • LeapFTP intitle:"index.of./" |LeapFTP client login credentials
    sites.ini modified
  • inurl:lilo.conf filetype:conf |LILO passwords
    password -tatercounter2000
    -bootpwd –man
  • filetype:config config intext: |Mcft .NET application credentials
    appSettings "User ID"
  • filetype:pwd service |Mcft FrontPage Service Web passwords
  • intitle:index.of |Mcft FrontPage Web credentials
  • "# -FrontPage-" |Mcft FrontPage Web passwords
    ext:pwd inurl:_vti_pvt inurl: |Mcft FrontPage Web passwords
    (Service | authors | administrators)
  • inurl:perform filetype:ini |mIRC nickserv credentials
  • intitle:"index of" intext: |mySQL database credentials
  • intitle:"index of" intext: |mySQL database credentials
  • filetype:conf oekakibbs |Oekakibss user passwords
  • filetype:dat wand.dat |Opera‚ ÄúMagic Wand‚Äù Web credentials
  • inurl:ospfd.conf intext: |OSPF Daemon Passwords
    password -sample -test
    -tutorial –download
  • index.of passlist |Passlist user credentials
  • inurl:passlist.txt |passlist.txt file user credentials
  • filetype:dat "password.dat" |password.dat files
  • inurl:password.log filetype:log |password.log file reveals usernames,
    |passwords,and hostnames
  • filetype:log inurl:"password.log" |password.log files cleartext
  • inurl:people.lst filetype:lst |People.lst generic password file
  • intitle:index.of config.php |PHP Configuration File database
  • inurl:config.php dbuname dbpass |PHP Configuration File database
  • inurl:nuke filetype:sql |PHP-Nuke credentials
  • filetype:conf inurl:psybnc.conf |psyBNC IRC user credentials
  • filetype:ini ServUDaemon |servU FTP Daemon credentials
  • filetype:conf slapd.conf |slapd configuration files root password
  • inurl:"slapd.conf" intext: |slapd LDAP credentials
    "credentials" -manpage
    -"Manual Page" -man: -sample
  • inurl:"slapd.conf" intext: |slapd LDAP root password
    "rootpw" -manpage
    -"Manual Page" -man: -sample
  • filetype:sql "IDENTIFIED BY" –cvs |SQL passwords
  • filetype:sql password |SQL passwords
  • filetype:ini wcx_ftp |Total Commander FTP passwords
  • filetype:netrc password |UNIX .netrc user credentials
  • index.of.etc |UNIX /etc directories contain
    |various credential files
  • intitle:"Index of..etc" passwd |UNIX /etc/passwd user credentials
  • intitle:index.of passwd |UNIX /etc/passwd user credentials
  • intitle:"Index of" pwd.db |UNIX /etc/pwd.db credentials
  • intitle:Index.of etc shadow |UNIX /etc/shadow user credentials
  • intitle:index.of master.passwd |UNIX master.passwd user credentials
  • intitle:"Index of" spwd.db |UNIX spwd.db credentials
    passwd -pam.conf
  • filetype:bak inurl:"htaccess| |UNIX various password file backups
  • filetype:inc dbconn |Various database credentials
  • filetype:inc intext:mysql_ |Various database credentials, server names
  • filetype:properties inurl:db |Various database credentials, server names
  • inurl:vtund.conf intext:pass –cvs |Virtual Tunnel Daemon passwords
  • inurl:"wvdial.conf" intext: |wdial dialup user credentials
  • filetype:mdb wwforum |Web Wiz Forums Web credentials
  • "AutoCreate=TRUE password=*" |Website Access Analyzer user passwords
  • filetype:pwl pwl |Windows Password List user credentials
  • filetype:reg reg +intext: |Windows Registry Keys containing user
    "defaultusername" intext: |credentials
  • filetype:reg reg +intext: |Windows Registry Keys containing user
    "internet account manager" |credentials
  • "index of/" "ws_ftp.ini" |WS_FTP FTP credentials
    "parent directory"
  • filetype:ini ws_ftp pwd |WS_FTP FTP user credentials
  • inurl:admin filetype: |asp Generic userlist files
    inurl:userlist |
  • inurl:php inurl: |Half-life statistics file, lists username and
    hlstats intext: |other information
    Server Username |
  • filetype:ctl |
    inurl:haccess. |Mcft FrontPage equivalent of htaccess
    ctl Basic |shows Web user credentials
  • filetype:reg |
    reg intext: |Mcft Internet Account Manager can
  • "internet account manager" |reveal usernames and more
    filetype:wab wab |Mcft Outlook Express Mail address
  • filetype:mdb inurl:profiles |Mcft Access databases containing
  • index.of perform.ini |mIRC IRC ini file can list IRC usernames and
    |other information
  • inurl:root.asp?acs=anon |Outlook Mail Web Access directory can be
    |used to discover usernames
  • filetype:conf inurl:proftpd. |PROFTP FTP server configuration file
    conf –sample |reveals
    |username and server information
  • filetype:log username putty |PUTTY SSH client logs can reveal
    |and server information
  • filetype:rdp rdp |Remote Desktop Connection files reveal user
  • intitle:index.of |UNIX bash shell history reveals commands
    .bash_history |typed at a bash command prompt; usernames
    |are often typed as argument strings
  • intitle:index.of |UNIX shell history reveals commands typed at
    .sh_history |a shell command prompt; usernames are
    |often typed as argument strings
  • "index of " lck |Various lock files list the user currently using
    |a file
  • +intext:webalizer +intext: |Webalizer Web statistics page lists Web user-
    Total Usernames +intext: |names and statistical information
    "Usage Statistics for"
  • filetype:reg reg HKEY_ |Windows Registry exports can reveal
    CURRENT_USER |username usernames and other information
Note: Special Thanks to Shabbir for reviewing and allowing this post.

shabbir 19Jul2008 08:10

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
My pleasure and the only reason to allow this is for people like me can be careful and know what can be found using Google.

GreenGrass 19Jul2008 16:47

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
Well this is crazy :p Nice Post..

XXxxImmortalxxXX 19Jul2008 21:34

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
hahahah lol gotta love it i did that once except i set mine up to be like that and they attacker would go through ONLY frontpage to access my files BUT what they didnt know is is that i had 2 sets of the files one is the bad file for the victam and 1 for me the one for me is set up on another server as the bad one is hosted on my pc so when he connects to my pc and goes to my www folder and opens up some files a trojan remotly gets installed on his pc as well as other stuff and a alert msg poping up ever 10 minutes saying


so yea i love it when ppl use those commands its funny becuase U NEVER KNOW WHO UR MESSING WITH ON THE INTERNET

XXxxImmortalxxXX 19Jul2008 21:59

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
also u dont need to convert it those passwords are encrypted by DES encryption

faizulhaque 20Jul2008 00:31

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
All the Request code are available in below


It's official Google Hack Site, own made by google's

XXxxImmortalxxXX 20Jul2008 02:28

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
i dont know why google when put that site up its a security risk that there making but hey its not hurting me nay lol

shabbir 2Aug2008 11:58

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
Nomination for article of the month for July 2008

shabbir 19Aug2008 10:36

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
Start Voting for article of the month for July 2008

hanleyhansen 23Aug2008 07:51

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
Lol funny!!!

maestrojones 4Nov2008 13:33

RE: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"
It's crazy, how did you find it out?

SEO_services 19Jan2011 14:18

Re: Get full access thru "Welcome to phpMyAdmin"

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