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Dak914 16Jul2008 23:19

Logmein and Ubuntu
Hey there!
A whole ton of people (including me) have a hard time with VNC remote login and most of them love the convenience of Logmein. NOTE: This method only applies to people dual-booting Ubuntu and Windows (XP\Vista).
People who havent started dual-booting XP\Vista and Ubuntu (for more compatibility) could always use Bomgar. Google it.
1) On windows, Download and install logmein by signing up here:
2) Install this and follow instructions:
3) Now you can access all your ubuntu files through logmein.
NOTE: Logmein doesnt let you download or upload files to the internet. But you could always use DRIVEHQ's file manager. I found it works fine with remote control. Just signup here:
and install the manager (on windows)
~3xistanc3 (aka DBK) (Dominic Brian Keers)

hanleyhansen 17Jul2008 00:14

Re: Logmein and Ubuntu
Most Linuxes have a utility called rdesktop that can be installed through the terminal. What this enables us to do is use Remote Desktop Connection from a Linux computer to any Windows computer and vice versa. I found this very useful because all Windows XP Pro SP2 computers have this RDC software installed. For PCs from Windows 95 and up all you have to do is download the software from the Microsoft website. The good thing about this again is that it is already there so you don't have to download anything if you have Windows XP Pro SP2 and all you need is the remote computer's IP address as opposed to having to download the logmein software on it.

Dak914 18Jul2008 04:16

Re: Logmein and Ubuntu
Yes but assuming you want to access your remote PC's from a web browser? I am just saying it is way more convenient.
Also, what are you going to do about Dynamic IP's???
The Logmein program accesses the internet so that you don't have to worry about the hassle of IP addresses.
I know that I sound like a salesman, but I just think that it is way more convenient to use Logmein or Bomgar.

Tobiasgar 1Sep2011 18:11

Re: Logmein and Ubuntu
It's possible to connect to your remote computer via any web browser on Windows.For this, to your RemotePC account from the RemotePC website. A list of the available Hosts (remote computers) in your account is displayed. Select the Host that you wish to connect to and enter the Host Key.
Find below the steps to connect to a remote computer via any web browser:

1. Login to RemotePC using the web-interface.

2. Under 'Remote Computers', you can see the list of Host(s) that are enabled. Those already in session are displayed as 'In session'.

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