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SiLeNtEyEz 11Jul2008 17:00

How to connect MS Access database in Net Beans?
I need some help about how to connect MS Access database in NetBeans.I visited www.netbeans.org but didnt got much help related to MS Access.

What I did is I start from Net Beans Desktop Application ....But when i select the option of database in it ....It asks Database URL....I have made connection from Control panel>>administrative tool>>Data Source >> and then added Microsft Access Driver(*.mdb) ....and added my database here.....But in net beans What Data Base URL should I write? Whats the method to write it ?
Like in Net Beans Database URL is written as
But as i write my data base name here jdbc:odbc:Mydatabase.
It gives the following error:
Unable to obtain schema.There is unsufficent information to establish a connection to obtain list of schemas.

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