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gulliccj 11Jul2008 03:57

PHP ?id= multiple code error
hey! i am currently trying to use the php code for multiple pages in one file via the ?id= code. i am using the php file redir.php. here is the code:

$id = $_GET['id'];
if($id == ''){
regular page //code or include goes here
elseif($id == 1){
id 1 //code or include goes here
//repeat for all styles/pages.

and i cannot get it to work. it redirects you, but the page is blank. can you tell me what is wrong? thanks!

gulliccj 11Jul2008 04:00

Re: PHP ?id= multiple code error
to try it, go to
HTML Code:

<a href="http://nebraskageek.com/php">nebraskageek.com/php</a>

gulliccj 11Jul2008 04:01

Re: PHP ?id= multiple code error
THAT was wierd: nebraskageek.com/php
thats the url to try it

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