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vishal sharma 16Aug2004 12:54

Protecting Yourself
everyone has a right to stay safe.

Here are few things you can do to reduce the chance of getting hacked or getting a virus.

Tip 1: Don't open e-mail attachments
This is a must. You must NEVER open any e-mail attachments unless you are 100% sure that it is legit and is from someone you know. Most viruses spread as soon as you open them by sending them to every one in your address book...which means one of your friends will get an e-mail from you which looks legit and they might open it and become infected. You can imagine how fast these things spread once things start going. Viruses can corrupt data, erase data, and things of that nature. Trojans allow people to remotely access your computer without permission and pretty much do any thing they want to you...such as erase files, steal password and credit card numbers, ect. Viruses typically will be an exe, bat, or other executable type file. In most situations trojans are combined with real, legit files so you might open it up and it will appear to be the real deal.

Here are a few other tips that belong in this category that might help you:

1. Pictures or movies will NEVER be an executable file. If someone is trying to send you a file called mypic.exe donít accept it! It is most likely a virus or trojan.
2. Be careful about downloading files from free servers like Geocities and Angelfire. Always download files from their original websites to ensure that they are clean.
3. Also, be careful download files from P2P services like Kazaa or WinMX. A lot of little viruses spread this way.

A good firewall can pretty much stop all trojans...and I will cover that in the next tip.

Tip 2: Get a firewall
Firewall's are excellent ways to stop hackers. Firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing data and makes sure no one, that isn't supposed to, is trying to access your PC remotely. This will also stop things like trojans or backdoors. Firewalls are not 100% reliable, as is any kind of security. A firewall I would recommend is ZoneAlarm, and you can get it from www.zonelabs.com. Also, another great firewall is called Sygate Personal Firewall and you can get it free from smb.sygate.com/products/spf_standard.htm.

Tip 3: Get antivirus software
If you download anything off of the internet than you must have some sort of antivirus to make sure it is clean. And I recommend updating your virus definitions at least once a week. Antivirus programs check files for viruses/trojans. A good antivirus program is, of course, Norton AntiVirus. You can get a free trial at www.norton.com.

Tip 4: Get spy ware removal programs
Spy ware will send information about you, without your permission, back to the server. Although spy ware is a bad thing it still comes in a lot of popular programs such as Kazaa and Gator. There are pretty much two excellent spy ware removal programs. My favorite is Spybot Search & Destroy and you can get it free from security.kolla.de. The other is call Ad-Aware and you can get it at www.ad-aware.com

more later....

ray02945 10Aug2007 13:37

Re: Protecting Yourself
the only "real" good way to stop a hacker from hacking your computer is to get a router the ports arent as usually open so a hacker cant access his trojan and get a spyware scanner that helps against trojans wich even if theyre not connected to their controller they can still kil your av and fire wall

alijutt 13Aug2007 05:32

Re: Protecting Yourself
hey thanx bro but frm where i can get router

shabbir 13Aug2007 09:05

Re: Protecting Yourself

Originally Posted by alijutt
hey thanx bro but frm where i can get router

At hardware shop in your locality or on sites like ebay.

hanleyhansen 31Jan2008 20:56

Re: Protecting Yourself
Great article!!!!

hanleyhansen 31Jan2008 21:04

Re: Protecting Yourself
Another easy way to get hacked is using LimeWire. You have to be careful with the folders you share.

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