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w3tw0rk 9Jul2008 05:36

Hi from w3tw0rk
Hey guys was just browsing google searching my alias to
see what would come up and found this site :P appearently
a tut i wrote is floating around here somewhere. Looks like
a cool site

XXxxImmortalxxXX 9Jul2008 06:00

Re: Hi from w3tw0rk
hello mate it was me its the rooting tutorial that u made i posted it on this forum i said u created it and that you are the owner of it and give all thanks to him for making it so yea :) im also with rootshell security group

XXxxImmortalxxXX 9Jul2008 06:01

Re: Hi from w3tw0rk

shabbir 9Jul2008 09:26

Re: Hi from w3tw0rk
Hello and welcome to G4EF and also the same is on vote in Nomination for article of the month for June 2008

w3tw0rk 11Jul2008 01:03

Re: Hi from w3tw0rk
yeah mang no problem i think i wrote one that was a tiny
bit better but it's more of a guidline i guess. i didn't put
any time into it to explain everything. :P thanks for posting
it though. i've seen it in a few places.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 11Jul2008 01:09

Re: Hi from w3tw0rk
yea np mate hey i used to be a member of rootshell security team as well i see u on there a lot im no longer a member of it tho i gave up on all my forums and just stayed with this one

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