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jan2000 8Jul2008 21:46

Developers Wanted

I am searching for 2 software developers/business partners. This position would suite to people who enjoy working in teams, are willing to share the success with others, are employed, with current monthly income around 񋛃k a month, bored of working for someone, who wants to achieve and earn more and are enthusiastic and passionate about new developments for e-commerce sites. You can be located anywhere around the world!!!

I am creating a suite of 4 very popular and useful applications for e-commerce websites currently used mostly by Fortune 500 and successful online business. These applications cost thousands of pounds per month on subscription bases. We are developing an affordable solutions for the rest of website owners also based on monthly subscription.

Projected profits are around 100,000+ per month, per team of 2 developers. The support and upgrades are part of the deal. I offer 50% profit of your developed product. The other 50% will be used for marketing, advertising, additional sells staff, office running etc. which you don't need to worry about as all managed by me.

Our Customers: Any e-commerce website.

NOTE: There is not any payment upfront or any payment till we make a first sale!!! It's a partnership. This way I am trying to cut down on development cost. For this reason you will receive generous 50% share of profits from your developed product when sold, under the condition you provide support and further development. You will be required to work in your own spare time on development in teams of 2 via internet.

The application:
We are developing an online based application hosted on our server which allows dynamic conversion through online segmentation. This application should allow to serve up different home page and landing page messaging based on referral keywords from search engines including email marketing module ensuring that the moment an e-mail recepient clicks on a supplied link, they receive a special greeting when landing on a website.

Understanding of the technology is required to speed the process of the development.

For more info and informal chat contact me after 11AM GMT everyday/any day.

Jan Petrovic
+44 7861679819

jwshepherd 10Jul2008 01:28

Re: Developers Wanted
It would be helpfull to announce the database type and programming languages or OS of the web server to help minimize further questions.

maddysmrt786 16Feb2009 18:37

Re: Developers Wanted

We are Outsourcing Company & we are also running an bpo, we are in these inbustry for more than 3 years , Currently we are looking for the Banking , Web Development & Software Developmet Process ,For Further Process Details : +91-9944146053,Mail me : maddysmrt786@gmail.com

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