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Hyperion113 7Jul2008 07:55

A noob with some questions.
I will list my questions below

1. I know learning linux and using linux is a must in hacking so which version of linux is the best for hacking and what sites are good for learning linux?

2. I also realize that i need to know some programming languages before i delve into things head first. So which ones are most useful and again where is the best place to learn these programming languages?

3. My overall goal is to be able to hack into the networks of people living in my area and also to hack into other computers to view files located on them, is any of this possible and how much must i learn before i reach this point.

I hope the guys and gals have enough patience with a new person like me and won't get pissed and leave me out to dry. So sincerely Thanks for any and all help.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 7Jul2008 12:45

Re: A noob with some questions.
Anser 1=http://linuxlinks.com/Docs/

answer 2= c/c++ vb or c* http://www.cprogramming.com

yes it is possible umm it depends on how you do it it various u can got into a person pc in a intemdiate way or begginer or medium way depends on how good you are bypassing firewalls and stuff i would reccomend this for later on learn what you can now then come back to this

Hyperion113 7Jul2008 18:26

Re: A noob with some questions.
thanks for the links, just one question left, which version of linux is the best to use or most useful in a hacking environment. thanks for any info.

XXxxImmortalxxXX 7Jul2008 22:08

Re: A noob with some questions.
i would reccomend using


i really dont like linux a lot so i asked my freind thats what he told me im really new to linux ive messed with it a couple years and never liked it so i stayed away from it

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