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blitz 4Jul2008 21:39

Trace back the hacker
In this following article i am providing u with information about how to save urslf when u r HACKED....

open dos command,go to -(Start/Run/type "command" without inverted commas and hit enter),& in the MSDOS prompt,type:
netstat -a

(make sure you include the space in between the "t" and the "-a").

the rest of the article is in my blog.plz visit it and leave ur comments on how 2 improve it

XXxxImmortalxxXX 4Jul2008 22:09

Re: Trace back the hacker
yea that is a nice article but whos to say that there not behind a proxy?

i mean im ALWAYS BEHIND A PROXY when i hack someone or do something of that nature

shabbir 5Jul2008 08:43

Re: Trace back the hacker
Couple of things.

1. Put the thread in the right forum.
2. Have you blog link in the signature at least because self promotion in posts are not allowed.

I have moved the thread in the right forum

shabbir 5Jul2008 09:02

Re: Trace back the hacker
Also you posted link to your home page instead of your post link and so I have removed the link to the post.

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