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Humberto.B 30Jun2008 23:04

Associate program C

Let me explain the problem. I wanna do a kind of "bot" to a RolePlayGame ( RPG ). I have already some of them done, but i dont have their code, just i got it installed at my computer. I have a nice knowledge in C but i wanna know how is possible associate one program to another. Let me explain: In this game i'm currently at X:32000 and Y:40000. The bots that i have read this information, and if i make a script to when i'm at this position move to X:32004 and Y:40003. How does they interact, use sames structs? Someone that have more knowledg than me can help me out with this?
As i said, i have some bots working at my pc now, but they arent mine, so, can theses bots be usefull to me? like "open" a DLL or something else?


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