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watsonr 28Jun2008 20:30

blog posts
i have been thinking of paying a blog site to post an article of mine. how much does it actually cost and for how long? thanks

shabbir 29Jun2008 11:19

Re: blog posts
It depends on the blog. Paid blogging is not standard where you can decide on the price. Its the owner who can decide on that.

watsonr 30Jun2008 08:24

Re: blog posts
what are the criteria? would the cost depend on the blogs pagerank or just the popularity of it?

shabbir 30Jun2008 09:17

Re: blog posts
The main reason would be your motive.

If you are looking for some links then Page rank and if you are targeting some traffic then it should be popularity.

I would go for something where I can get a mixture of both.

watsonr 30Jun2008 10:00

Re: blog posts
thank you so much shabbir for the comment. at first i was thinking of the traffic. but yeah, it's good to hit 2 birds with one stone ;)

XXxxImmortalxxXX 7Jul2008 16:21

Re: blog posts
i didnt even know you could pay blog sites to host your ur article lol i guess it is true we do learn someting eveyday lol

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