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Bhullarz 23Jun2008 19:35

No "Users" tab in Task Manager
Hi All ! Now a days, I am facing a very strange problem. I don't know the reason. There is no "users" tab showing in the task manager. Because of this, I have re-installed Windows again and the problem was solved. But from last night, task manager is not showing again any "USERS" tab. What can be the reason of this problem? Currently I am using Windows XP SP2, Kaspersky Anti_virus(Trial Version), Zone Alarm Pro(Full Version), Genuine Windows. Kindly guide me , what to do?

Bhullarz 4Jul2008 00:13

Re: No "Users" tab in Task Manager
No one has yet replied to my post. So I have decided to answer it on my own as I have solved this problem. Let me tell you one thing, if u r facing the same problem as mentioned, check ur firewall settings immediately coz it can be a hacking attempt, disconnect from internet and restart ur pc and then check the task manager for USERS. To remove the server from ur pc of a trojan, u should use Process Explorer Program which is freely available on the net. It will show u the complete details of all the programs currently in the running with their source details also. Check out the process and try to end and delete the suspected processes. Beware if u ended wrong process, ur pc may stop working.

Another reason can be that ur pc's terminal services are disabled or are not working. u can check the status of these services in the control panel -> administrative tools->services.. Try to enable this service and restart ur pc and u will be able to see USERS tab in the Task Manager.
Terminal services are responsible for management of users on ur pc who can login locally or remotely. If this service is disabled, no other user can access ur pc remotely.

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