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drut 23Jun2008 13:44

Opening things like "./configure"
I have winxp, and I download these hacking programs that require me to run a config file. HOW DO I RUN A CONFIG FILE WITHOUT LINUX?????
Thanks ahead of time,

SpOonWiZaRd 23Jun2008 15:22

Re: Opening things like "./configure"
Dude, spare yourself all the troubles and just get a partition with linux on it... Thing will go faster for you.

drut 23Jun2008 22:30

Re: Opening things like "./configure"
What program can I use to partition my disk, then download linux. I have all ready partitioned it, my original OS is mac osx, then I download windows. Do I have to buy linux? Or can I download it for free?
Thanks :)

Dopeman1992 2Jul2008 05:25

Re: Opening things like "./configure"
you could use paragon partition manager, plus why do you need a program to do it, if you've already partitioned. Also linux is free, download an .iso of the distro. you want, run it in a virtual pc or make a 'live CD' of it and boot from disk . . . just to get a feel of it.

drut 3Jul2008 07:06

Re: Opening things like "./configure"
I have downloaded Ubuntu and created a Live Disk. But when I try to install Ubuntu it says 3 things:
No controller found
Format incompatable
and some weird error
Can anyone help?

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