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lakmi 22Jun2008 11:18

Looking for advice from an expert
Hi everyone,
I'm a IT undergraduate in Sri Lanka.
Next year will be my final year where i finally graduate. Now, next year i'll be having a HUGE IT research project will span over a duration of one year. We have to do something new in the IT field. And basically the project has to be good enough for my professors to accept it. Yet small enough to be atleast 3/4th completed within an year.
I prefer something on the Software Engineering side. Developing a software. I'm kind of bad with hardware. Anyway.. my first idea was to try and develop an ERP system. But my boyfriend said that kind of wouldn't be a research because ERP systems have already been developed. (DUH!! huh? :freak: stupid me.. :-)
Anyway.. could someone please give me ideas as to what i could do for a research like this? I would be really grateful for any ideas that you have. I am also currently thinking of game developments. A new game that is different. but i have no idea what the game would even be about. so i'm open to any sort of suggestions... Please help.. i would REALLY appreciate it..
thanks guys

shabbir 22Jun2008 12:10

Re: Looking for advice from an expert
Moved to the right forum

lakmi 22Jun2008 13:24

Re: Looking for advice from an expert
Ummm thanks
:) i was wondering whether i was posting it in the wrong forum... soooo... any ideas ppl???
No rush.. but i'm hungry for ideas

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