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FrozenFire 20Jun2008 23:31

Partitioning Harddrive
I want to partition my hard drive so i can use ubuntu. I know doing so will delete all my data

but i use a CD that came with the computer, i believe it is a recovery CD. and i use it every now and then to return my pc to the condition it was in when i bought it.

can i use this CD to bring back some of the data that was lost?

and do i even need to partition my hard drive so i can use ubuntu?

any comments and advice would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you

shabbir 21Jun2008 00:21

Re: Partitioning Harddrive
Moved to OS forum

FrozenFire 21Jun2008 00:41

Re: Partitioning Harddrive
I apologise for misplacing the thread.

FrozenFire 21Jun2008 02:00

Re: Partitioning Harddrive
ps: the main problem is that i dont know, what we will happen when i partition my hard drive.

will i need to install windows?

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