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JakeScotts 13Jun2008 21:06

Hows it goin , Im Jake , im a young teen ,

have a interest in computers (obviously) but im not a nerd , i just find fkn around with computers can be a hobbie sometimes

if any questions pm me :)

shabbir 13Jun2008 21:49

Re: Jake
Hi and :welcome: to G4EF

JakeScotts 13Jun2008 21:51

Re: Jake
thx shabbir :) good to know you make people welcome

Outdust_Regna 15Jun2008 12:08

Re: Jake
Hi there. I am new here too. I am looking forward to learning much from this forum. I dun have that many background about internet and computers but I am willing to learn. ^^

shabbir 15Jun2008 14:19

Re: Jake
I just saw your sig and you have a finance related site and if interested we can do some link exchange. PM Me if you are interested.

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