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pradeep 5Aug2006 15:20

Proxy using Perl
I was wondering whether its possible to write a program which acts like a proxy server in Perl, so what I figured out was anything is possible with Perl. Below is the code, try it, its wonderful.
I used threads to manage multiple requests, so the program can handle multiple requests concurrently. :)
More can be done with IO::Socket in Perl.

Code: Perl

 #use strict;
 use URI;
 use IO::Socket;
 use threads('yield', 'stack_size' => 64*4096);
 # don't want to die on 'Broken pipe' or Ctrl-C
 $SIG{PIPE} = '
 my $showOpenedSockets=1;
 my $server = IO::Socket::INET->new (
    LocalPort => 8080,
    Type      => SOCK_STREAM,
    Reuse     => 1,
    Listen    => 18);
 binmode $server;
 while (my $browsera = $server->accept()) {
   print "\n\n----Accepted Connection--------\n";
   binmode $browsera;
   my $t = threads->new(\&fetch, $browsera);
 sub fetch{
   my $browser = $_[0];
   my $method              ="";
   my $content_length      = 0;
   my $content             = 0;
   my $accu_content_length = 0;
   my $host;
   my $hostAddr;
   my $httpVer;
   while (my $browser_line = <$browser>) {
     unless ($method) {
       ($method, $hostAddr, $httpVer) = $browser_line =~ /^(\w+) +(\S+) +(\S+)/;
       print "$hostAddr";
       my $uri = URI->new($hostAddr) or print "Could not build URI for $hostAddr";
       $host = IO::Socket::INET->new (
         PeerAddr=> $uri->host,
         PeerPort=> $uri->port );
         die "couldn'
t open $hostAddr" unless $host;
       if ($showOpenedSockets) {
         print "
Opened ".$uri->host." , port ".$uri->port."\n";
       binmode $host;
       print $host "
$method ".$uri->path_query." $httpVer\n";
       print "
$method ".$uri->path_query." $httpVer\n";
     $content_length = $1 if      $browser_line=~/Content-length: +(\d+)/i;
     $accu_content_length+=length $browser_line;
     #print $browser_line;
     print $host $browser_line;
     last if $browser_line =~ /^\s*$/ and $method ne 'POST';
     if ($browser_line =~ /^\s*$/ and $method eq "
POST") {
       $content = 1;
       last unless $content_length;
     if ($content) {
       $accu_content_length+=length $browser_line;
       last if $accu_content_length >= $content_length;
   print "
\n\nThread id --> ".threads->self->tid()."\n";
   print "
No of. threads at present --> ".threads->list()."\n";
   print "
Stack size --> ".threads->get_stack_size()."\n";
   $content_length      = 0;
   $content             = 0;
   $accu_content_length = 0;
   while (my $host_line = <$host>) {
     #print $host_line;
     print $browser $host_line;
     $content_length = $1 if $host_line=~/Content-length: +(\d+)/i;
     if ($host_line =~ m/^\s*$/ and not $content) {
       $content = 1;
       #last unless $content_length;
     if ($content) {
       if ($content_length) {
         $accu_content_length+=length $host_line;
         #print "
\nContent Length: $content_length, accu: $accu_content_length\n";
         last if $accu_content_length >= $content_length;
   $browser-> close;
   $host   -> close;
   print "
---- End thread ----\n";

aems 2Mar2007 15:10

Re: Proxy using Perl
i have error on linux redhat 9

this error:
threads version 262144 required--this is only version 0.99 at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/Exporter/Heavy.pm line 121.

how to solve this problem.

Thank for help.

pradeep 2Mar2007 15:16

Re: Proxy using Perl
You need to upgrade the module named "threads", use cpan from your shell to install the latest version of the threads module.

aems 2Mar2007 16:16

Re: Proxy using Perl
how to use cpan.

please help me step by step.

pradeep 2Mar2007 16:23

Re: Proxy using Perl
Type "cpan" at the shell prompt, and then type "install threads"

It'll download the module and install it.

aems 3Mar2007 06:55

Re: Proxy using Perl
it work !!!
Thank for help.

i use this Proxy for audio streaming when i close program such as "winamp" but threads is not Terminated.

Thank for help again.

johnny 25Jul2007 19:12

Re: Proxy using Perl
Hello Pradeep!
Great code.. pradeep . i have written a code using which i can send emails to a list of ids using smtp. now i wana enhance the code.. i wana send the email through a proxy server. how can i .. can u plz help me?

pradeep 25Jul2007 19:18

Re: Proxy using Perl
Set a system level proxy!

johnny 25Jul2007 19:38

Re: Proxy using Perl
hello pradeep!
Do u mean i want me tamper the configuration of the system?
can i be done through a code?

i've tried masking...

johnny 25Jul2007 19:39

Re: Proxy using Perl
i'll send u the code wch i have written if u want me to..?

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