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youngbucks 7Jun2008 17:35

Need help with creating a C++ Installer
Ok im new to this and ive read through some beginner books and i have a basic understanding of C++ and im trying to make a installer that will:

1. Download a file
2. Extract it
3. Copy files to the directory specified
4. Write program to the registry
5. Delete files downloaded

Can anyone help me with this? Ive already made my UI which is a header file and i just need help programming in the functions because i dont really know where to start :disappoin So far all ive added to the main cpp file is " #include "VisualLook.h" which includes my design.

youngbucks 7Jun2008 17:57

Re: Need help with creating a C++ Installer
Sorry for the double post, i cant seem to find the button to edit anywhere. Can someone tell me a basic function that lets a progress bar show current progress and overall progress. Also for a cancel button that will stop the installation.

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