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Rebeleleven 5Jun2008 04:27

bump top!
So yea whos excited for Bump top?!

if you have no clue what im talking about go to

But yea, it kinda seems sorta useless, but very pretty and intteravtive lol. Anyone have a private beta installer? lol

Darkness1337 5Jun2008 04:40

Re: bump top!
that looks lyk a copy of 3D desktop lol same idea but lookin good! :]

isn't that beta installer link on the website? cuz i think i saw it there...

|ave funz

Rebeleleven 5Jun2008 07:35

Re: bump top!
Nah man its still in private beta.

But you can sign up so when they release it to more people I'll be on the list :)

Rebeleleven 5Jun2008 08:21

Re: bump top!
wow So I just downloaded 3d desktop and your totally right man. Bumptop totally ripped that off lol.

But as I remember I do think Bumptop is a whole OS. And from what I've seen on youtube Bumptop is like 30 times better, but still totally ripped off.

Darkness1337 5Jun2008 20:22

Re: bump top!
lol yeap, i used to have 3d desktop but then i removed it! wasnt customizable enough for meh :p
anyways i'll search around and let u know if i find it ;]

tried 3D cube yet? tis pretty good :D

Darkness1337 5Jun2008 20:35

Re: bump top!
oh is it? 3D OS! wow...
you gotta check out them linux stuff! mint...

oh and there is a 3D explorer, you can use that to browse around but it can slow down your pc! lol

if thats a OS then thats gonna be reallly good... i just wanna see how they goin to include minimize and maximize functions there.... *when you minimize it, it jus sticks to the wall* < wud b gr8 :D wow!! lol

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