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Ro3 3Jun2008 18:20

Using a for loop in an arraylist
Hello, I'm having some beginner dificulties with programming an arraylist to draw certain objects from subclasses.
In my paint method I want to use a for loop to walk through my arraylist and draw these objects, like this:


//een arraylist die wordt gevuld met de bewegendedelen
        ArrayList<BewegendeDelen> bewegendedelenarray = new ArrayList<BewegendeDelen>();
        //voeg de ruimteschip en alien objecten toe aan de arraylist
        bewegendedelenarray.add(new Ruimteschip());
        bewegendedelenarray.add(new Alien());
        public void paint(Graphics G)
                for(BewegendeDelen obj : bewegendedelenarray)
                {        //teken de bewegende delen (ruimteschip, aliens)

How will I get this working?!
thanks in advance!

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