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FrozenFire 3Jun2008 13:31

Basic Defence
What are the basic tools one needs to prevent him/her from getting caught hacking?
and whats the best ani-spyware program (its free it would be nice)?

dont know where else to post this, so im sory if im breaking any rules :embarasse

thank you

Darkness1337 3Jun2008 14:54

Re: Basic Defence
this wat I think iz gd ones:
Best Firewall:
1.ZoneAlarm Pro
2.Outpost Firewall Pro

Best Anti/Spyware
1.Spyware doctor
2.Spy Sweeper

Best Privacy:
1.Privacy Guardian
2.Ciber Scrub

Read this aswell:

hope tht helpd
ave funz ;)


FrozenFire 3Jun2008 15:08

Re: Basic Defence
thanks, but will
1.Spyware doctor
2.Spy Sweeper

clash with any of the hacking or spyware softwares?

and does the firewalls only prevent outside intrusions and doesnt effect things already on ur pc?

and lastly does the privacy only hide your IP address?

ill appreciate if you can help me understand these basics.

thank you

Darkness1337 3Jun2008 16:32

Re: Basic Defence
they do but if you configure them properly you'll be fine!

for example

put all ya viruses and stuff on a different hard drive!
[partition your harddrive]
and dont let anything scan it!

g2g na, i'll give you more details laters or someone else will :)

this mite* help:

FrozenFire 3Jun2008 19:38

Re: Basic Defence

put all ya viruses and stuff on a different hard drive!
[partition your harddrive]
and dont let anything scan it!
Yes that sounds like a good plan, im gonna try and do that :)

FrozenFire 3Jun2008 19:58

Re: Basic Defence

Originally Posted by FrozenFire
Yes that sounds like a good plan, im gonna try and do that :)

if i do this it will delete ALL my data....so, can i use my restoration CD (which came with the pc when i bought it ) to get my data back after the partition?

and one more thing, i use Eraser software to erase files and etc

will the partition get rid of all data that was deleted so it is un-retrivable?

thank you

Darkness1337 3Jun2008 23:50

Re: Basic Defence
partitioning your HD wont delete your stuff!
well, i've partitioned mine and it just partitioned it without deleting anything.. :]

Paragon partition manager|

use it with care tho!, it can get confusing... i deleted everything off my HD when I first started using it, then I had to reinstall everything.. :p

anywayz, if you want to FORMAT your HD and if you want to make data non-recoverable then use
darik's boot and nuke:

it works just like a Shredder, Shredders only delete files and documents, this one formats any HD that it could find on the computer, data will be non-recoverable [read the documentation to get a better idea about how it workz and how to use it]... :]

hope tha helpd :D


Darkness1337 3Jun2008 23:52

Re: Basic Defence
oh and it;s not a bad idea to backup all your stuff just incase!!

and yeah you can use that restoration CD to install all your drivers but not the operating system, you prob know that already! lol :]

Darkness1337 4Jun2008 00:07

Re: Basic Defence
oh and about the firewall:
Zone Alarm Security Suit:
Anti-Virus/anti-Spyware --> Advanced Options --> Scan Targets --> Local Disks --> uncheck the HD with stuff ;)

FrozenFire 6Jun2008 05:34

Re: Basic Defence
Yeah thanks for the information, i got ZoneAlarm Pro and Privacy Guardian installed and working well so far.
do i really need anymore softwares (ex:Spyware doctor) on my computer :S ?

btw, correct me if i am wrong, these softwares protect you from attacks but what about if you want to try to hack and want to stay hidden. what software can keep you anonymous.

thank you.


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