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thatsashok 2Jun2008 20:11

Review Shrink2One.com
Hi all,

Please logon to http://Shrink2One.com/ and review it. And please send me your valuable feedbacks.

You have seen a lot of sites where you can convert long URL to a small URL like TinyURL etc.
I found a more better service which converts MULTIPLE LINKS to ONE SINGLE LINK

An example:

logon to shrink2one.com and Make your own ONE LINK which can contain as many links as you want. You can use them to Share them on forums, emails, IMs or Mobile SMS. You can store your favorites, your websites list to share them on forum's Signature where number of URL is limited or new discovered sites to let your friend's know in ONE link only.

I recommend you all to visit shrink2one at least once and create your own Shrink2One URL, and you will find that this is NOT just another
small URL service like others. Its More than that. :)

Know more about Shrink2One URL @ http://shrink2one.com/help.aspx

shabbir 3Jun2008 10:58

Re: Review Shrink2One.com
You have not given any login information to review your site.

thatsashok 3Jun2008 10:59

Re: Review Shrink2One.com
there is no login info required :)

Darkness1337 3Jun2008 16:38

Re: Review Shrink2One.com

Please logon to http://Shrink2One.com/ and review it. And please send me your valuable feedbacks.
I see why shabbir got confused!

n oh yeah tha site iz GREAT :D

is it yours?
Nice tool!

thatsashok 3Jun2008 17:25

Re: Review Shrink2One.com
Yup bro, Its made by me.
Do use it in your daily routine of uploading stuff, link exchange etc

shabbir 4Jun2008 09:03

Re: Review Shrink2One.com
You mentioned in post logon to the site

thatsashok 4Jun2008 10:36

Re: Review Shrink2One.com
OK shabbir, now no confusion. There is no login required currently.
Please review at http://shrink2one.com and tell me you feedback. :)


Darkness1337 5Jun2008 04:02

Re: Review Shrink2One.com
wow! nice one m8 :] luvin it.... will spread it around uni ;) keep up the gr8 work!!

so you work as a web designer ? :)

thatsashok 5Jun2008 10:17

Re: Review Shrink2One.com
thanks dark,
I am a Web developer in India. And you?

Darkness1337 9Jun2008 04:08

Re: Review Shrink2One.com
am in uk n doin a software development course! :] mostly into VB.. i can do simple web designing too, photoshop guy :D lol wanna learn .NET now hmm..... hows u doin anyways ? :]

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